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“Since 1998, Florida Highway Products has been issued many work orders by Palm Beach County Road and Bridge Division. At this time, they are the low bidder on an additional project for Open Graded Emulsified Mix and is being recommended for an award. Florida Highway Products has always responded in a prompt and professional manner to complete all work assigned to them.”
   Michael Bowman, Director
Road & Bridge Division, Palm Beach County

“Osceola County has experienced an excellent level of service from Florida Highway Products over the past years. We have come to expect a quick response to our needs and a product that efficiently and effectively helps us to meet our transportation maintenance goals.”
   Sidney Bronson, Department Director
   Osceola County Road and Bridge Department

“The City of Tampa has been contracting a number of services from Florida Highway Products since 1984. We have found the quality of their work to meet or exceed both specification and expectation.”
   Ernest W. Nelson,
   Transportation Operations Chief

“Florida Highway Products, Inc. was ranked number one by the District selection panel to provide the Sun n' Lake of Sebring Improvement District with Payment Management construction services. This firm has successfully performed all activities expected from the engineering specification, and has fully met the expectations of the District. The District is looking forward to a continued relationship with Florida Highway Products, and would recommend its services to any organization managing and maintaining a roadway pavement infrastructure program.”
   Al Grieshaber, General Manager
   Sun n' Lake of Sebring Improvement District

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