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Cold-in-Place Recycling is a method of reconstructing any flexible pavement where the need arises from structural failures. These failures include: transverse cracking, wheel rutting, potholes, surface irregularities, or a combination of the above. Typical candidates would include roadways that have deteriorated beyond a traditional mill and resurface but do not have deep enough distress to warrant full-depth reclamation.

With the use of a recycling train, our process pulverizes bituminous concrete in place to a precise depth, mixing that material with a liquid binder and repaving to an accurate grade and profile. Flexible pavements up to 6" in thickness can be pulverized and blended with our specially formulated asphalt emulsion. The new material is laid with traditional lay down equipment to achieve the proper grade and cross-slope. Compaction to obtain the required density can be achieved by either a heavy pneumatic, vibratory, or static steel roller, or any combination of rollers.

Cold-in-Place Recycling eliminates major detours and traffic interruptions. The reconstruction process takes place in a single lane, only requiring a single pass. Traffic will flow unimpeded around the recycling operation and all vehicles will have access to commercial and residential driveways and intersections. After the proper curing period a suitable surface course is applied to the reconstructed base course.

Cost effective
More convenient to travelling public

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