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GSB-88 Emulsified Sealer/Binder is a unique formulation that rejuvenates asphalt pavements by reintroducing the oils and resins that have been lost through oxidation and the normal use of the asphalt.

It is designed to penetrate the asphalt and rebind the aggregate, sealing out and protecting the pavement from the harmful effects of water and sunlight. GSB-88 will reverse the effects of oxidation, raveling and the normal aging process of your roadways.

GSB-88 is formulated using naturally occurring asphalt that has not been subjected to the oil refining processes that can deplete many of the elements beneficial to sustaining a quality, long lasting pavement. This product, will provide years of extended life to your asphalt pavements. GSB-88 is an environmentally safe and responsible way to maintain pavements.

Environmentally safe
Protects the pavement
Reverses effects of oxidation, raveling and normal aging

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