Roadway Management
There are 5.7 million miles of roads in the United States

What if every city, county, village, town, hamlet, and borough – even every state – saved money and reduced greenhouse gas emissions along with energy consumption, while maintaining their roads at a higher overall condition? What if you could call your representative and ask when your road will be paved and actually get an answer?

Taxpayers deserve this level of service for their roads and bridges and they deserve accountability with transparency. Taxpayers deserve to have their money spent on their roads in a planned systematic approach that maximizes their investment. They deserve a progressive pavement management plan.

Roadway Management offers a comprehensive pavement management plan that will optimize available road resurfacing dollars. We assess needs, deliver road resurfacing products to meet those needs, and verify the results. We also provide the most cost effective, individual pavement products for road owners that prefer to assess their own needs.

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